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Technical propane butane fraction

Technical propane butane fraction

Technical propane butane fraction is used as fuel for cars. Propane butane fraction is a transparent gas with a specific smell, which refers to a group of heavy hydrocarbons.

The sum of butanes and butylenes is not more than 60%; the mass fraction of hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan sulfur,%, is not more than 0.013%; the volume fraction of liquid residue at 20 ° C,%, is not more than 1.6%.

Liquefied gases are stored in closed containers, because the liquid evaporation happens even at 0 ° C. Propane-butane is heavier than air and therefore it is necessary to kee watch of air-tightness of the equipment in order to avoid the formation of an explosive gas-air fraction. TPBM is easily mixed with air and evenly combusts completely. Because of uniform combustion, soot is not afforded on the heating elements.

Liquefied petroleum gases are transported by road, water and rail transport in accordance with the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods.

Propane-butane technical fraction (PBTM) is the main gas that is used in everyday life and for fueling cars.

The price for technical propane butane fraction NAN $/ton.

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