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Low-viscosity marine fuel

Low-viscosity marine fuel

The fuel intended for use in marine high- and medium-speed diesel engines, as well as gas turbine installations. It is made from diesel fractions with the addition of light gas oils of secondary processes. Unlike diesel, it has a lower cetane number and a higher content of sulfur.

Types of low-viscosity marine fuel: according to ship's fuel is divided into two types: light and heavy. Heavy fuel is a fleet fuel oil, sometimes it is called as residual heavy fuel, that is used in power plants on ships. Light fuel is marine low-viscous fuel (LVMF), low-viscosity marine fuel (LVMF), or naval diesel fuel, whuch is used for equipped with high-turnover and medium-rotary internal combustion engines ships.

LLC “ROSTATNEFT” offers to buy low-viscosity marine fuel, that is corresponded to TS 38.101567-2005 with delivery.

The price for low-viscosity marine fuel is NAN$ per ton or NAN$ per liter.

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