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Kerosene technical KT-1

Kerosene technical KT-1

Kerosene technical – KT-1. Kerosene is a liquid fuel; it is a mixture of carbons, boiling off at a temperature from 140 °C to 220 °C. Kerosene is extracted by special processing and oil purification with help of the reagents. Technical kerosene is also used as a solvent for workpiece washing.

Mark KT-1is kerosene for technical purposes, according to STO 11605031-010-2007 with mst. No. 1-6, it is allowed to produce kerosene for technical purposes with the norms of the indicator "fractional composition":

  • 50% distilled at a temperature, C̊ not higher than 190°
  • 90% distilled at a temperature, C not higher than 270°.

Additional indicators: fractional structure according to ISO 3405:

  • at t 210 °C is distilled,% (by volume),
  • at 250 °C distilled,% (by volume).

The price for kerosene technical KT-1 is NAN$ per ton or NAN$ per liter.

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