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The fuel for jet engines

RT jet fuel

As a rule, RT jet fuel is produced by hydrotreating of straight-run distillates with a boiling range 135-280 ° C. Distillates are used as a raw material for hydrotreatment, and it is impossible to get TS-1 fuel because of the increased content of total and mercaptan sulfur.

During hydrotreatment, aggressive and unstable compounds, that contain sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen, are removed from the oil distillate, and as has been noted above, the thermal stability is increased, and corrosion activity of fuel is reduced.

To improve the hydrogenation processes of chemical stability and anti-wear properties, reduced in consequence of application, antioxidant and wear-resistant additives are introduced into fuel.

During the refining of low sulfur West-Siberian oil, RT fuel can be obtained by straight-run distillation with antioxidant and wear-resistant additives introduction for maintaining a high level of operational performance.

RT fuel fully complies with the requirements for jet fuels of the highest quality, and it takes place at the international level, surpassing it for specific operational properties. It has high wear-resistant properties, chemical and thermal oxidation stability; it is not aggressive in regard to structural material; it is substantially free of mercaptans and contains less than 0.02% total sulfur; it can be stored for up to 10 years without changing the quality and fully provides the operational life of engine.

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