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Granulated sulfur

Granulated sulfur

Sulfur is a solid crystalline substance of yellow color. Sulfur is water-insoluble, but it is well soluble in anhydrous ammonia and in some organic solvents, such as alcohol, benzene and etc. Granulated sulfur, grade 9998 TS 2112-096-31323949-2003, Mass fraction of granules with a diameter of 2.0-5.0 mm,% not less than 96.46; mass fraction of sulfur,% not less than 99.98; Mass fraction of ash,%, not more than 0,02; mass fraction of acids in terms of sulfuric acid,%, not more than 0.0005. A lot of sulfur in industry is produced from native sulfur. Sulfur is found in many medicines, and also it is used in the production of rubber, dyestuffs, matches, gunpowder. Reduced sulfur and sublimed sulphur are used to control plant pests in agriculture, as the wipe out fungus.

Sulfur is supplied in big bags (special soft containers), it solves the problem of transportation and storage without loss of quality and quantity.

The price for Granulated sulfur NAN $/ton.

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