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Fuel oil M-100

Fuel oil M-100

Fuel oil M-100 is received by oil processing. Fuel oil is produced with visbreaking of tar and with compounding with residual products of various processes of oil refining. During the distillation of the last, various light volatile substances (kerosene, gas oil, gasoline) are actively released. As a result, there is dark sticky mass, called fuel oil. Generally, it is used as boiler fuel for various heating systems, furnaces, the systems of steam heating and etc. Some types of fuel oil are used as the main fuel for marine unit. Mainly, now the industry uses these types of this material:

  • Naval;
  • Furnace – 100;
  • Furnace – 40.

Fuel oil M-100 has not water-soluble acids and alkalis. Additional indicators of fuel oil M-100 GOST 10585-99 russian national standard:

Color according to ASTM D1500 units, no more; flash temperature in the closed crucible on ASTM D93, C ̊.

Fractional composition according to ISO 3405: t ̊ of initial boiling point, ̊C at t° 250 °C is distillated % (by volume) at t° 350 °C is distilled, % (by volume).

The price for fuel oil M-100 NAN $/ton.

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