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Fuel oil M-100

Fuel oil M-100

Fuel oil M-100 is a residual product of oil refining. Now there are some different types of fuel oil brand. All of them are united by the fact that production is carried out strictly in accordance with GOST 10585-2013. According to this document, all types of this product have their class, which is denoted by the Roman numerals I–VII. This division into classes and their numbering determines such a parameter as the design viscosity of this substance at a strictly defined temperature. The viscosity for fuel oil M-100 according to GOST is determined at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. The normalized value, which is set by the document is 50,00 mm2 / s. It is important to note that for this type of product is determined the assumed viscosity as well. Test temperature is also 100 degrees, and the index is changed to 6.80 degrees. Besides, the main difference between the types of fuel oil is the sulfur content, and also the heat of combustion. The most common types are residual fuel oil M-100 and M-40.

The fundamental property of fuel oil is its viscosity. This index is measured with a viscometer. The unit of measurement of this device is assumed viscosity, which at 80 degrees Celsius for fuel oil M-100 is 15,5. This index is the largest among all mixtures. This parameter also determines the majority of product properties: Fuel oil grade M-100 is the most difficult transfer mixture. Because of this, it is necessary created special conditions for transportation. The content of solids in this product can be up to 25 times higher, than in other species. In percentage terms, this index reaches up to 2,5%, that is much higher than the indices for "diluted" by intermediate fraction of substances. The pour point of this mixture is the moment when fuel oil takes a jellylike state, and it starts at 25 degrees Celsius. One of the properties is a flashpoint. In other words, the highest temperature to which fuel oil can be stored without fear of explosion is 110 degrees.

Delivery of fuel oil M-100 can be carried out by two types of transport. It can be oil tank cars or semitrailers of bitumen distributors. Current prices you can find on our website SIA “ROSTATNEFT”.

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