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Distillate of gas condensates

Distillate of gas condensates

Distillate of gas condensates is a product of direct oil distillation. A few secondary fractions are added in the process.

DHA is a colorless liquid with a specific smell. The composition of gas condensate is similar to petroleum, the substance has kerosene and gasoline fractions, while there are no asphaltenes and tarry materials.

They are used as raw materials in different petrochemical industries, generally for the production of olefins in cracking plants. Gas condensate distillate is also used as a diesel fuel, and in the paint and coatings industry it is known as an excellent solvent. Distillate of gas condensate does not dissolve in water.

There are light, heavy, middle distillates of gas condensate. Light gas condensate distillates is the most popular, it is used in petrochemicals and in the form of additives in the production of gasoline most often.

Distillate of gas condensate is medium (sulphurous), Limiting temperature of filterability according to GOST EN 116 russian national standard, °С: minus 21; Cloud point according to EN 23015, °C: minus 8; Flash point in a closed crucible according to ASTM D 93, °С: 61. It is certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.

The price for distillate of gas condensates NAN $/ton or NAN $/liter.

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