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Diesel technological fraction (DTF)

Diesel technological fraction (DTF)

Diesel technological fraction (DTF) is made on high-tech equipment, by distillation of diesel fractions. The sulfur content of the mixture of hydrotreated fractions on the average is 1, 1% by weight, the content of aromatic hydrocarbons is 26% by weight.

It is applied in stationary steam boilers, industrial furnaces. They are used it for heating houses, industrial favilities, also in boiler houses and agricultural enterprises, such as vegetable warehouses and etc.

Fractional composition: 10% is distilled at t° not lower than 150°; 90% is distilled at t° no higher than 370°. It is certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, the mass fraction of sulfur is not more than 0.5%. The diesel technological fraction corresponds to the STO 78689379-04-2016 to the international standard.

The product is used up to -25°, the color is light yellow.

The price for diesel technological fraction (DTF) avto NAN and railroad NAN $/ton or NAN and NAN $/liter.

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