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Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel is a liquid product; it is a viscous and non-volatile liquid, which consists largely of carbon. One of the main indicators of diesel fuel is the cetane number. The cetane number is a parameter that affects heating period and starting the engine. During the engine operation at low t° of air, it is the best to use diesel fuel with higher cetane number. Nevertheless, it should be understood that the fuel with a cetane number higher than 55 leads to increased exhaust opacity. There are some types of fuel intended for use in various t° schedules.

Summer diesel fuel (DF Euro, grade C) - is applied at t° of air to 0 °C and above.

Diesel fuel Euro, grade C, type III (summer) GOST R 52368-2005 with mst. 1 and amendments, Fractional composition:

  • at t° 250 °C,% (by volume), less than 65;
  • at t° 350 °C,% (by volume), not less than 85;
  • 95% (by volume) is distilled at t°, °C, not higher than 360 °C;
  • Maximum filtration t̊ is not higher than 5.

Winter diesel fuel is marking of this type, which is applied at t° of air to -30 °C; Fuel diesel Euro, winter, class 2, GOST 32511-2013, the maximum filtration temperature, °С, not higher than minus 32°; t° of turbidity, °С, not higher than minus 22°; cetane number, not less than 48.

Diesel fuel is intended for high-speed diesel and gas-tube engines of ship and ground-level equipment.

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The price for diesel fuel is:
Diesel fuel Euro, type C, type II (summer) NAN$ per ton or NAN$ per liter.
Diesel fuel Euro, type F,D, type III (winter) NAN$ per ton or NAN$ per liter.
Diesel fuel Euro, type E, type III (all-season) NAN$ per ton or NAN$ per liter.

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