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The service life of motor vehicles depends largely on the quality poured into the tank of gasoline or diesel fuel. Good fuel greatly extends the life of the powertrain of the car. Conversely, the use of fuels not suggested by technical standards of the manufacturer, may damage the engine.

Russian refineries produce fuel environmental standards that have long been accepted in Europe: the Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5. But European standards only apply to vehicles. They spelled out the parameters of the content of harmful pollutants emitted with the exhaust gases of the vehicle. The fuel produced divided by the level of environmental quality in accordance with the classes and sometimes 4 different classes depending on the volume content of sulfur. The less gasoline or diesel fuel contains sulphur, so it is more environmentally friendly, safe for the environment, for health and for the car. The worst ecological class of fuel – this is the 2nd class with a large amount of sulfur contained therein. Since 2013, Russia has banned the implementation of the environmental fuel of this class. The best class is 5-th with the smallest sulfur content. This fuel is of the best quality.

OOO "ROSTATNEFT" delivers only quality diesel fuel of EURO 5 gasoline and class 5. All processes for receiving, storage and distribution of petroleum products to meet modern technical and environmental requirements, including meet fire and health standards, safe working conditions.

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